City of LA PVB    Welcome to the City of Los Angeles PVB Online Guest Permit System
for Permit Parking

Thank you for using the City of Los Angeles Online Guest Permit System. Before you proceed, please read the following important messages:

All guest permits purchased online must be printed at the time of purchase. If you are unable to print the permit(s), do not proceed. Buyer assumes risks when printing guest permits. Refunds will not be issued for unprinted permits. You may visit one of our Customer Service Centers to make the purchase in person.

  • Disable the pop-up blocker on your computer.

  • Install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your computer, if you have not done so.

  • Any refund request must be postmarked prior to use date and must include the printed permits.

  • You must have an existing Residential Parking Permit account number and an active Annual or Visitor Permit to purchase a guest permit.

  • Account holders with unpaid parking citations will be required to pay off the citations prior to purchasing a guest permit. You may make your payment here.

  • You can purchase a guest permit on the same day of use.

  • A guest permit is valid ONLY for one calendar day.

  • Permit must be clearly visible.

  • Valid on specified use date only.

  • A $2.00 processing fee per transaction will be added.

  • Only Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

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I read and understand the City of Los Angeles Online Guest Permit guidelines. By clicking on the Submit button, I accept responsibility for this online purchase of a guest permit(s).