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Online Parking Citation Payment System

To pay parking citations online, please follow these directions:
  1. Enter the citation number in the box provided (up to 11 characters).
  2. Select the Submit button to begin the secure credit card payment process*. This link will take you to a secured site.
  3. Follow the directions on the secured site to walk through the payment process.
  4. Wait for a confirmation page. The confirmation page may be printed for your records.
Please Note
  1. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card are accepted. Please have your credit card information available.
  2. Vehicles are eligible for towing with five or more unpaid parking tickets.
  3. The citation number is required to pay online. To obtain the citation number by vehicle license plate number, please call 1-(800) 214-1526. A live operator is available to provide the citation number during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM, except holidays.
  4. Neither the City of Santa Monica, nor any of its partners including Conduent, will initiate unrequested contact with you via email regarding paying a parking citation. If you receive an unsolicited email, please disregard it and do not make any payments via the links contained in the email. The email is a scam and you should not open or click on any links in the email. We apologize for all inconvenience created by the email. The only online payment site for the City of Santa Monica Parking Citations is http://paytickets.smgov.net . Any questions regarding the authenticity of a notice should be directed to our Customer Service Department at (800) 214-1526.
Citation Number
Important: If your citation number starts with "SM0", please enter only the numeric characters after the "SM0". Example: For SM012345678 enter only 12345678.
If your citation number starts with "0", please enter only the numbers after the 0. Example: For 012345678 enter only 12345678.
If your citation number starts with "P", please enter the entire number starting with "P". Example: For P1234567 enter the entire number P1234567.

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